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Here's where you can download any of the Tiny Grumpy Armies rules documents absolutely free! Keep an eye out for tips and variant ideas, and Q&A will go here too when we start getting questions!

If you read and compare the different rules documents you'll notice that the setup and goal of each game are prettymuch the same! How convenient! The gameplay explained in section 2 of each document is what really makes each game unique, so pay careful attention to that!


These are the rules the game comes with! Rally your troops and build your army before your princesses get stolen right from under your nose! 

SURLY SKIRMISH is easy*, fast, and reccomended for 3-4 players, though 2 isn't impossible. 





*the easiness of the rules for SURLY SKIRMISH does not have any bearing on how difficult it will be to beat the other players, who will probably NOT make it easy for you to win if they have anything to say about it. 

Download HERE

The goal remains the same, get the most Princesses! But this time players are blindly sending out their troops into the fog at the same time! Can you bluff your way to the top? Just pray you aren't stuck with the embarassing title of 'The BUTT' next round!


This is the classic ruleset that started it all! Be sure to print out the embarrassing hat for THE BUTT to wear, so everyone can point and laugh at him until he get's his revenge.





This is the big-league competitive ruleset that almost  ruined everything!  Set up your squads and plan more than one step ahead. Outsmart the competition and time your attacks for maximum efficiency.  

This worker placement-y game scales really well from a 2 player duel of wits, to a more unpredictable 4 way battle royale.


Be sure to try the other rulesets first! This one isn't for the faint of heart or the weak of will.


Let Human Person know if you like it. It'll make his day.



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